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Metabolite Statistics

Total Metabolites2350
Number of Metabolites that are Detected And Quantified1701
Number of Metabolites that are Detected But Not Quantified649

Spectra Statistics

Total Spectra19076
Total Compounds with Spectra1501
Total NMR Spectra1413
Total Compounds with NMR Spectra397
Total NMR 1D Spectra970
Total Compounds with NMR 1D Spectra392
Total NMR 2D Spectra443
Total Compounds with NMR 2D Spectra330
Total Experimental LC-MS/MS Spectra6143
Total Compounds with Experimental LC-MS/MS Spectra386
Total Predicted LC-MS/MS Spectra7957
Total Compounds with Predicted LC-MS/MS Spectra1477
Total Experimental GC-MS Spectra2503
Total Compounds with Experimental GC-MS Spectra362
Total Predicted GC-MS Spectra1060
Total Compounds with Predicted GC-MS Spectra607

Reference Statistics

Total Number of References160

Link-out Statistics

HMDB links1549
ChemSpider links1148
PubChem Compound links1836
KEGG Compound links588
ChEBI Compound links940
Wikipedia links444